The Ideal Home Office – Learn from Others Outside Your Industry

Here’s one of my secrets. Something that has helped my students and I grow as Compositors and Visual Effects Artists is actively learning from people who are NOT Compositors or VFX Artists.

There is nothing wrong with picking up knowledge from people in your role and industry, please do! But it’s easy to get trapped in an information bubble with people who work at the same office, same company, same role, or same industry. You can jump on LinkedIn after work and read the same opinions that you hear in the office. You can watch the same tutorials and presentations as everyone else. This is a closed network: it may be more immediately relevant to what you are doing, but it’s a tiny percentage of human knowledge and limits your perspective.

True innovation and the best solutions often come from the meeting of very different ideas that haven’t interacted before.

For those reasons, I’m sharing this video from Architect, Artist, and Designer: Stéphane Bolduc, where he guides you through his home office setup. His video and extensive notes (with links) is a generous gift that has helped me think differently about home office design.

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