I currently work as a Co-founder and Lead Compositing Instructor at Alpha Chromatica. I have worked as a VFX Trainer and Compositor in award-winning Visual Effects studios, as well as taught Compositing, English, and Business English full-time in schools. I love learning and teaching, and am so proud of my former students.


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    "Andrew has been one of the best teachers I've had and the opportunity to learn from. He has an amazing ability at really getting to know each individual, how to connect to them and teach them based off their skills and ways that work best for them to learn. His humour always brightened even the dullest of lectures. He regularly made school a fun place to be and learn despite the tough conditions on everyone due to the pandemic. his weekly studio quizzes quickly became something I looked forward to every week and was always filled with interesting information about different studios and occasionally first hand experiences from past alumni. His positive and up beat personality always made a great place to be even on the toughest days. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with or learn from Andrew will be lucky to have made such a great friend and co worker."

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    "Andrew has always had a significant positive impact on me. I still carry a letter he wrote to me as my teacher due to its importance on how I perceive the industry and myself as an artist today. He is kind, wise (more than he realizes) and a tremendous skilled VFX artist. He will always have a calm, patient and thoughtful insight to give if you ask, followed by (most of the time) a great punch line to get at least one smile of you at the end. His classes always were a mix of up-to-date knowledge and comedy, which made all more enjoyable. We shared a passion for movies that led to many continuous conversations, and I have to say that I miss that. It is incredible how he had many students to mentor and still managed to know each one individually. I guess that is a benefit of him also being a great writer. Good writers are often very empathetic persons. It helps them create genuinely relatable stories.

    I was fortunate that my journey had put me under his guidance for a year at Lost Boys. But also had a great opportunity to have a glance at his skills in practice at Crafty Apes. So I can tell with experience that he is a great teacher, artist, workmate and friend. I wish him all the best, but he doesn't need luck, just a chair in the VFX industry, and we will be lucky to have him there."

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    "While studying at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects I came to know Andrew Zeller as a great person and a fantastic teacher. Throughout the first six months of my studies at Lost Boys I was working from home due to the pandemic, this was a difficult time but it was made significantly easier for me thanks to Andrew. He would call me and classmates individually once a week to have a one on one mentor session. In these sessions he would give me lots of detailed, insightful notes about my work, but beyond that he would also ask me how I was doing and he seemed to genuinely care about my well-being as a person. After returning to school, Andrew continued to be a big help for me and my development as an artist. Anytime I got stuck and needed help it was easy to go and ask Andrew because he was always very friendly, his notes were detailed, and his advice was impeccable.

    Additionally, he helped me grow because he is a master of roto, paint, and digital makeup. His classes on these subjects helped me build a strong foundation which I will continue to carry with me throughout my career. I don’t think I could have found a better teacher to form me as a young artist. I have only scratched the surface of why Andrew is such a quality teacher and remarkable individual. But hopefully I have convinced you that he is the right man for any visual effects or teaching job you could possibly throw at him. Oh and did I mention that he is also a talented author and a comedian? Thanks Andrew!"

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    "Andrew has all the traits that anyone could want in a teacher. Not only does he know Nuke, Mocha and Silhouette inside out, but he knows how to TEACH them. He makes even the most complex concepts easy to understand and is always available to answer questions when you don't. Even an extremely knowledgeable teacher can give boring lectures, but Andrew's lectures are never boring. He's got puns and dad jokes for days and makes even the most dull topics entertaining. Andrew also has an amazing eye and would always catch things in my shots that I never did. And when he gives notes he doesn't just say "this is bad, fix it" but he explains and gives suggestions on things to try to make it better.

    Not only is Andrew an amazing teacher but he is also amazingly caring and kind. I had the pleasure of having him as my teacher during the pandemic. It was really hard for us all to work and take classes from home. But Andrew was always there to talk whether you needed help with your comp or just a friendly face to de-stress and talk to. I had a really hard time working from home and Andrew was always there encouraging me and telling me I could do it! I really appreciate everything that he has done for me and my classmates throughout this difficult year. Thank you Andrew!"

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    "Andrew was my Compositing / BG Prep instructor at Lost Boys. He taught me both fundamental and advanced techniques of VFX compositing in Nuke, Mocha and Silhouette. He has a great scene of humor and is one of the most thoughtful, helpful and friendly people I’ve ever met. He always tried to encourage me and create the supportive and pleasant environment for students by making jokes, giving us a weekly film quiz contest and so on. During the pandemic when we were working from home and everyone was feeling a little isolated, he often reached out to the students and kept posting positive news everyday on the internal school website for students to cheer us up. In addition, not only is he a very nice person, but he has a very good knowledge of VFX compositing and Film/TV industry. Whenever I asked him a technical question, he was always able to answer it right away. His knowledge of compositing software, including Nuke, Mocha and Silhouette is fantastic. He taught us very practical comp techniques that he learned from professional artists in the industry in his career as a compositor. What I was impressed by him is that although he has enough knowledge to teach students, he keeps paying close attention to the new VFX technology and new features of compositing software and learning new techniques to improve his skills. His constant efforts and enthusiasm about VFX are the things that I’ve learned from Andrew as well.

    I am really glad and lucky that Andrew was my compositing instructor. I never had such a helpful teacher who always responds to my questions even outside of school hours and gives me very detailed and valuable notes on my work. I also appreciate so much that he reviewed my resume, cover letter and artist website along with teaching compositing. I would definitely highly recommend Andrew as an educator and a VFX compositor. And I would love to work with him as an artist in the industry in the future to learn more comp skills from him and to become a better human being. I’m so glad that I came to Canada and met you at Lost Boys. Thank you Andrew!!"

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    "Andrew is easily one of the most caring and inspiring people I ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I was lucky enough to have him as a mentor. He is the one person I remember leaving any interaction with a smile no matter how it started, that’s just the type of person he is. Seeing him push above and beyond every expectation you might have for a mentor inspires me every day to be better and push just as hard. His curious energy is simply infectious. He listens to every word you have to say, and actively incorporates your interests and struggles into his daily effort of helping you excel in what you care about. His wit and adaptability inevitably carries conversations towards making the most out of your experience. I can’t count the number of times his words motivated me to be better as both an artist and a person.

    As an entertainer at heart, he never fails to bring life and fun into his lectures and events, even when he’s the only one embodying a character with a full costume on Halloween. I’ll never forget you, “Edward.” He actively reaches out to supervisors and seniors to give us the most relevant and current information possible, and cements that knowledge through weekly prize competitions and movie nights. Again, every interaction comes with a guaranteed smile. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Andrew as an instructor, because the positive impact he directly had over the lives of his students is undeniable."

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    "Have you ever watched one of those incredible movies in which there is a little bit of randomness, surprises, and life lessons all at the same time? And for some reason everything dovetails? Andrew´s mentoring style is the vivid representation of it. Andrew´s genius it's caused by his multiple 'sparks', and teaching compositing, it's one of his shiniest. His unique style of teaching is a mix of an in-depth clear explanation with a hilarious punchline at the end. Andrew’s personality and his way of approaching questions is what all mentors should aspire to be. He is always at the forefront of the VFX industry learning and looking for things to share with his students and actually engaging with them. I've had the good fortune of meeting the right people at the right moments and in this case I got lucky to meet one of the greatest sparks in my professional journey."

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    "Andrew is a wealth of knowledge and insight. Not only does he go above and beyond to keep demos engaging, he cares deeply about the wellness of the students. The weekly studio quizzes are always one of the highlights of the week, and I learnt about a lot of studios across the world that I was not previously aware of. Andrew also writes articles about literature and philosophy on his website from time to time; I've been finding them very insightful and many of his ideas are worth revisiting during times of confusion or uncertainty. The feedback I got from Andrew have all been very clear and in-depth. During the period of time where we were learning remotely, communication with the instructors was one of my main concerns, but Andrew was very dedicated and always responded in a timely manner. Besides pointing out areas of improvement, he showed us possible solutions as well as examples of what these solutions could look like. He also gave us ideas on how we can further spice up our shots and encouraged us to continue challenging ourselves.

    During the lockdown, Andrew hosted numerous zoom interviews with established VFX artists and allowed us to get to know their experiences in the industry and ask them questions. As a former English teacher, Andrew helped us edit our resume and cover letters, and offered tips on how to best prepare ourselves for a job interview. Andrew continues to point us to previous Lost Boys alumni and studios after graduation, and actively shared industry related news and job opportunities. I am very lucky to have learned from Andrew at Lost Boys, and will highly recommend him to anyone looking for a compositing instructor or artist."

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    "Having Andrew as my instructor was one of the best things that could have happened with me during my journey at Lost Boys. His way of teaching makes even complex aspects of studies fun, understandable and engaging. The effort he put into his lectures is absolutely amazing and he spends some extra time to ensure he gives the best to each his students. Andrew has a habit to come up with the most handy tips and tricks to help you solve any kind of problem in Nuke, Mocha or Silhouette. He also provides some of the most relevant and valuable insights to make sure his students are well up-to-date with the current happenings in the visual effects industry. I would highly recommend Andrew as an instructor to anyone who's looking forward to learn about Compositing/BG Prep.

    Besides being an Awesome Instructor, Andrew is humorous, friendly, and super approachable. He is an inspiring and a very caring person to meet in general. Oh! and not to forget, he has a phenomenal sense of humor! Though I am nowhere near as good as Andrew is when it comes to writing, but if I were to ever write a article on "Individuals You Should Meet Before You Die!", Andrew would be the first person I would talk about. Thank you for everything Andrew. I feel very lucky to be taught by such an amazing instructor like you!"

  • Erwan MuroErwan MuroLinkedIn

    "Andrew was my teacher at Lost Boys Studios. His kindness and patience have no equal. Teaching can be frustrating, difficult at times, exhausting, especially for students like me, but he has never shown any signs of fatigue or disinterest. On the contrary: he always put in the extra effort to make each lecture incredibly enjoyable!

    He helped and encouraged me in each of my projects and made sure I understood everything I needed to know. We had much more than a teacher with Andrew, and it's a gift I feel honored to have had. If today I love visual effects so much, it's largely because of him, and it reassures me to think that he will continue to teach and share his knowledge, because we can't wish for a better teacher. Of course I would highly recommend Andrew as an instructor. His solicitude and sympathy are as important for his students as his extensive knowledge in compositing."

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    "Andrew is one of the most passionate, dedicated teachers I ever had. His enthusiasm is always inspiring and you can just see he loves teaching, not to mention his vast knowledge in Nuke, Mocha and Silhouette. He also gives the most helpful feedback, which helped me a lot to improve my shots. He is always suggesting different ways to keep students involved in the Industry, and constantly provides us with great relevant information and advice. His quizzes are really fun and makes us want to investigate ourselves more about the studios. Even in these different work conditions he was always able to remain positive and spread that to everybody, always sharing positive industry news and getting really cool interviews for us from awesome people currently working in the industry. He gives a lot of thought to his exercises which were also both useful and fun. I feel very lucky to have had Andrew as my teacher and would highly recommend him to anybody trying to learn visual effects compositing."

  • Warren HardingWarren HardingLinkedIn

    "Andrew is the consummate professional. In a full year, I never saw Andrew having a bad or "off" day. Although there were 13 of us (students) who could all be requiring his assistance on challenging projects, he never showed any frustration. One of the signs of a talented instructor is the ability to change the method of instruction for students, when they are having difficulty understanding something. Rather than repeating himself, he seemed to always find a way to show/explain something that would provide the piece of the puzzle that was not understood.

    His relentlessly positive attitude makes him an immediate favourite among his peers and students. His fantastic sense of humour was highly valuable during the pandemic, when levity was in short supply. I cannot imagine any work scenario where I would not appreciate having Andrew around. I sincerely hope I will have the opportunity to work for him in the future."

  • Javier CuellarJavier CuellarLinkedIn

    "Andrew was my teacher at Lost Boys and the truth is that he is incredible as an instructor and person, I can say that I learned from the best. The patience and passion with which he teaches are unmatched. He is always making the classes enjoyable and fun to train us as the best BG Prep Artist. He is always ready to help you. Thanks for everything, Andrew."

  • Nicole MengNicole MengLinkedIn

    "When life is hard, go and talk to Andrew. Being a student during the lockdown, then a new graduate during the pandemic was not the easiest. I feel very fortunate to have had Andrew as my instructor during this period of time. He always goes above and beyond to make sure his students are getting the help they need. Especially during the lockdown, when we were all working from home, Andrew was always checking on us, and cheering us up when things are difficult. Andrew has always been my go to person whenever I feel uncertain about a shot, or need advice/reassurance prior to a job interview. Andrew also always makes an effort to make the dullest lectures entertaining. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met, he truly enjoys teaching, and cares for every single one of his students, even after they have graduated from the Lost Boys. I would highly recommend Andrew Zeller for any Compositing related instructor/artist position, and would love to work with him again in the future."

  • Endiy LohEndiy LohLinkedIn

    "My one year at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects with being mentored by Andrew was something that I cannot forget. His way of teaching is very entertaining and fun, and also the most engaging and caring mentor I have ever been taught by. He will always be remembered for his dedication and positivity to whomever he has mentored. Andrew introduced me to a new environment and network that I am forever grateful for. His passion for teaching is unquestionable and beyond anything that you could ask for."

  • David KossDavid KossLinkedIn

    "Andrew is a great teacher, and I consider myself lucky to have had him as an instructor during my study at Lost Boys. He was always able to answer my many technical questions, and give helpful feedback on all of my shots. Visual effects is a challenging subject to learn, and it really helps to have somebody as patient and knowledgeable as Andrew around to guide you through it. During his lectures he could always improvise solutions to problems and turn them into learning opportunities for us. I could tell that he put a great deal of thought and care into designing his lectures to address specific problems our class was having at the time.

    Along with his technical skills, he is also a very personable guy; super friendly, approachable, and a great communicator. I was always comfortable going to him with a question or asking for his advice when it came to my career, and I was always glad that I did. He is also one of the most thoughtful people I know. He really does listen to what you say, and his actions prove it. I remember many occasions he would share a tool or gizmo he found with me because he knew it might help me, or just because he knew I would be interested in it. Oh, and I can't forget about his sense of humor. If Andrew did not dedicate so much of his time to educating his students, he would probably have his own improv show by now! I would highly recommend Andrew as a teacher to anybody seeking to learn visual effects compositing."

  • Timothy HsuTimothy HsuLinkedIn

    "My experiences with Andrew as a teacher were always positive; I had the pleasure of being one of Andrew's students at Lost Boys | School of VFX. He makes complex subjects more appealing and keeps finding ways to innovate his lectures for every new class, so the projects always feel authentic and challenging. He actually stayed and explained in the best way how to do things. Nuke is a complicated piece of software and can really push your nerves, but Andrew managed to make the lectures fun and understandable. He always gives extremely valuable feedback on shots and has many useful insights on working in VFX. If you are looking for a jump start in the VFX world, he is the instructor you are looking for. As a student at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, I highly recommend Andrew as a BG Prep/Compositing Instructor."

  • Ya-Wen LiuYa-Wen LiuLinkedIn

    "It’s my pleasure to have Andrew as my instructor. He is passionate, friendly and also willing to spend his personal time to give me his advice whether I am in school or graduated. He also spent a lot of time on learning new skills and after he created or found tool which is useful and helpful he never hesitate to share with students. Andrew is a kind of teacher that won’t give you answer but help you to find the answer. He always lead you to find the better way or fast way to completed the goal. When we are not at classes, he will give us a little quizzes with small gifts that he prepared to help us understand more about VFX industry or studios. Andrew is a person who always have curiosity to learning new things and not afraid to try new things. Therefore, he learn several different languages, acting on the stage and writing story. He is a very talented, work hard person and always positive on life. As his student, I saw a lot of wonderful things and attitudes that I should really learn from him. I would really recommend Andrew as instructor at Lost Boys Studios."

  • Kosuke IwasakiKosuke IwasakiLinkedIn

    "Andrew is a wonderful, humorous, and friendly mentor that you can rarely have. He has the best qualification to be a mentor in this global VFX industry. He has multiple English teaching backgrounds in Asia. He knows how to drive communication with ease in a multi-cultural environment, sometimes inserting entertaining jokes. (For your information the fact that he even does stand-up comedy already speaks a lot!) He has great eyes with promising studio experience too. Especially, his 2D compositing and BG prep skill are astounding. He points out no matter how small mistakes instantly with a gentle manner. I recommend you Andrew as a great man who enlightens the community and problem-solver. You definitely wish him always around."

  • David MichanDavid MichanLinkedIn

    "Andrew is a friendly, highly motivated and very talented artist. He is always willing to help and share his knowledge with the group. His true passion and love for the VFX businesses is reflect on his continuous improvement and expansion of his knowledge on this craft."

  • Zoey LeeZoey LeeLinkedIn

    "Andrew is a great instructor and also a caring mentor. He's always smiling and has a soothing voice. He is willing to help students no matter what it takes. While in school, I was struggling with a new shot and he taught and advised me on how to improve my shot. I was very touched by his dedication. He has very good knowledge of compositing and is constantly trying to learn new things to become an even better VFX artist and teacher. Andrew is also really good at photography. He knows exactly how to capture our portraits from the perfect angle and lighting. He has taken the most amazing alumni profile pictures!"

  • Rodrigo Sapag NovoaRodrigo Sapag NovoaLinkedIn

    "Andrew is a very talented instructor and artist, without a doubt, it was an honor to have been his student in Lost Boys Studios, he is very friendly, always trying to create a good environment for the students, besides having a lot of patience to not only teach but to take the time to be able to repeat all the times what was not understood and help you solve problems in different ways, which is admirable."

  • Kate T.C. LinKate T.C. LinLinkedIn

    "As a student at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, I highly recommend Andrew as an BG Prep/Compositing instructor. Even with his packed schedule and endless tasks as an instructor, he still always spares his time for his students. He is extremely detail oriented, and cares greatly about us. Andrew often times volunteers his own time assisting us even when it’s outside of his job description. It’s rare to find an instructor like this and I genuinely feel honored to be one of his students.

    In addition, with his previous experiences at Vitality, his excellent compositing and digital makeup skills help us excel in those areas as students. He never shies away from sharing his tricks for compositing and element integration. At the same time, he believes in errors and trials; instead of giving us the answer right away, he always gives us room to explore and experiment. I am honored to be one of Andrew’s students. And needless to say, I highly recommend him as a BG Prep/Compositor instructor!"

  • Lauren MartonLauren MartonLinkedIn

    "I had Andrew as my TA / BG Prep Instructor during my time at Lost Boys. My experiences with Andrew as a teacher were overwhelmingly positive; he was consistently available for help at school and was even courteous enough to respond to the odd question outside of school hours. On the rare occasion Andrew didn't have an immediate answer to a question or problem, he wouldn't hesitate to spend time at my desk with me in order to figure out a solution. As a result, Andrew's dedication as an educator is apparent.

    His knowledge of programs like Nuke, Mocha, and Silhouette is impressive; when teaching, Andrew is engaging, articulate, and thorough. He has a fantastic sense of humor and a very pleasant manner when interacting with students. He gives extremely valuable feedback on shots and has many useful insights on working in VFX. Andrew was also kind enough to offer head shots (at no expense) to every student in my class for their LinkedIn profile. Overall, I would highly recommend Andrew as an educator, as a compositor, and generally as a upstanding human being."

  • Ana-Luiza RodriguesAna-Luiza RodriguesLinkedIn

    "I will always remember how Andrew helped us a lot and would sit next to who needed help until the person understood. He was also kind enough to help me with my English when I was writing emails and cover letters while applying for jobs. His way of teaching is fun and light, so I can easily remember some of his paint lessons in the Theater. I’ll never forget the screening on Fridays when it felt that he had enhanced vision and saw tiny mistakes. He helped make long days easier participating in our Charades, making jokes, and having VFX quizzes. Andrew also keeps in contact with students after graduation and continues sharing his knowledge articles with the articles he writes. He always shares how to be a better artist, to remember to live life to the fullest."

  • Tiqui Del RosarioTiqui Del RosarioLinkedIn

    "Andrew’s extensive experience in visual effects combined with his willingness to share knowledge and to collaborate with other artists proves that he's a great addition to any team. He has the technical know-how and his passion for teaching makes him the kind of person you would want around. As a teacher, he helps you solve problems by guiding you till you come to the solution, thereby enabling you to remember the process better. His witty remarks, side stories, and quiz day prizes definitely make the class more fun and interesting. Andrew’s teachings also go beyond the walls of the classroom. He can tell you where the best donair is, what desserts top the list, and which improv shows you should see."

  • Danielle MurrayDanielle MurrayLinkedIn

    "Andrew was my BG Prep Instructor during my time at Lost Boys Studios. He was also my go to person whenever I had a question about Nuke, compositing, or any VFX questions in general. He always made himself available and seemed to have a multitude of ways to reach a final product. One of the best things that Andrew has to offer any job, is his constantly positivity, and his ability to make a bad situation better, with just his attitude alone. Even during the most stressful times Andrew was the person who kept up morale and made sure that he could put a smile on at least one person's face. I am glad to have been one of his students, and I would highly recommend Andrew as an educator or as a BG Prep Artist / Compositor."

  • Cordell BriggsCordell BriggsLinkedIn

    "I highly recommend Andrew Zeller for his tremendous teaching ability. As a student of Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects, I have had the pleasure of being taught not only industry relevant practices, but also countless intricacies within the scope of Compositing that only come from Andrew’s industry experience. He is a driven, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships and excels at fostering growth and understanding with his students. Andrew is passionate about what he teaches and it comes out in his lessons and lectures. This passion and drive greatly improves the experience of learning while you are grasping the complex concepts of the Visual Effects Industry. He has an innate ability to bring positivity and engagement all the while developing his students’ abilities as Compositors. Andrew embraces any opportunity for teaching and professional development, which makes him an ideal leader and instructor.

    Andrew also has a wonderful rapport and a breadth of knowledge in navigating the political waters of the Visual Effects Industry which has proven to be an incredible asset for someone who is inexperienced. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching concepts, simple, as well as advanced, are both truly superior. Andrew cares about the individual growth of each one of his students, taking the time to ensure that they grasp and truly understand the purpose of each step and why it matters. Andrew also has an excellent written and verbal communication skill-set which is an asset for those who are coming from abroad to study at Lost Boys. He accomplishes all this with great initiative and with a positive attitude. I recommend Andrew without reservation."

  • Andri ValdezAndri ValdezLinkedIn

    "Andrew Zeller was my TA at Lost Boys Studios. There is nothing to say about Andrew other then he is an excellent teacher. He has hands on experience in the industry which he brings to the classroom to make sure that his students are up to date when it comes to visual effects. He is always ready to help when his students encounter problems and he often stayed later to ensure they wouldn't come to a stand still when there was no instructor around. I feel lucky to have been his student for a whole year and I know his teachings have helped me a lot getting a jump start in the industry as a compositor."

  • Terran CamaclangTerran CamaclangLinkedIn

    "Andrew Zeller is an excellent teacher and all around great energy to have in any space of productivity. I have known him since 2017, firstly as a student of his at Lost Boys, and after graduation we remained in contact as professional colleagues and friends. His optimism, light-hearted nature, and overall positive attitude is welcome in times of stress or difficulty as well as productivity. He also has extensive knowledge on compositing and VFX as a whole. He is an excellent communicator of ideas. As BG prep instructor, Andrew spent time coming up with fun and interesting ways to practice BG prep and compositing skills, encouraging interest in the visual effects communities, and keeping everyone motivated towards the common goal of joining said communities. With strong technical knowledge, and people-focused attitude, Andrew is a great person to have in any professional setting."

  • Stephanie GadsdenStephanie GadsdenLinkedIn

    "It's been a pleasure to have Andrew as an instructor during my year at Lost Boys. Andrew was always available for me on any doubts I had, not just technical and artistically speaking, but also doubts I had about work and the industry in general. He is really good at teaching and solving any problem you can have and he always comes up with a fantastic workaround for any specific doubt you may have (even if he doesn't know the answer in that moment), he would either give you a direct fix or guide you to discover it by yourself, which is something wonderful. I highly recommend Andrew for any position that is looking for an experienced artist and teacher."

  • Kankuro SuzukiKankuro SuzukiLinkedIn

    "Andrew was one of my BG Prep/Compositing instructors at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects. He is really resourceful and willing to share his up-to-date knowledge and information with his students. As his student, I was grateful to have Andrew as my instructor because he taught me a variety of useful techniques and tips based on his hands-on experiences as a visual effect artist. Additionally, Andrew also has experience in teaching English. He helped me understand VFX terminology and gave me advice with appropriate expressions, which I appreciate a lot since English is my second language. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a visual effects instructor/mentor/team leader."

  • Isaiah WalkerIsaiah WalkerLinkedIn

    "Andrew is one of the most personable people I've met in the VFX industry. He is selfless, caring, and extremely helpful. His knowledge and constant eagerness to share it is deserving of a greater praise than he receives. As my instructor at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, Andrew helped daily by answering questions and giving easy to follow and concise lessons. After my graduation he has still put in a great effort to help me in my career and to keep sharing what he knows. Anyone would be lucky to have Andrew as a colleague, teacher, or friend and I am thankful to have met such a giving person. Pairing his generosity with his boundless knowledge of teaching and visual effects has proven Andrew to be a fantastic individual."

  • Basilisa Cánovas RubioBasilisa Cánovas RubioLinkedIn

    "Andrew was my BG Prep instructor while I was a Compositing Student at Lost Boys Studios. His extreme dedication and resourcefulness made him a really good teacher. One of the things I would like to stand out is that he was very approachable in his way of teaching and he never hesitated every time we needed answers for both technical or artistic questions. He truly enjoys doing his lessons and I am glad to had the chance to be one of his students."

  • Saumik ChaudhuriSaumik ChaudhuriLinkedIn

    "Andrew was one of my instructors during my time at Lost Boys. He is one of the friendly, dedicated and passionate instructors I have ever meet. He spends a lot of time with all the students helping them and always teaching various methods for tackling and solving issues. In one instance, I was working on a school project which involved complex plate tracking. I approached Andrew explaining the technical issue. He sat with me and helped me understand what I could do to resolve the issue. As a bonus, I got to learn different ways I can prep a shot before tracking. I feel fortunate that he was my instructor. Even after graduation, he's always been a message away. It's of great help when starting in the industry.

    P.S - Quiz day/Movie nights Andrew organized in school were exciting ways to learn more about various aspect of the work we do, industry and movies in general."

  • Larry NgoLarry NgoLinkedIn

    "As a student, I’m very grateful to have Andrew as one of my instructors during my time at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects. He is a dedicated educator whose mentorship and guidance has elevated my understanding and knowledge of BG Prep and Compositing. Andrew has always been available to answer many of our questions and took the time to help us understand the problem and encouraged us to discover one of many possible solution. Being well-spoken, having a good sense of humor, and a strong command of VFX makes for the perfect compositing instructor. In addition, Andrew is quick to rally students together and help foster an inclusive environment. I would definitely recommend Andrew for any educator/leadership role."

  • Paul D’AmbrosioPaul D’AmbrosioLinkedIn

    "Andrew was one of my instructors while I completed the Advanced Compositing Diploma program at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects in Vancouver British Columbia. His great teaching methods were a big part of my success in achieving my diploma. He was always available for questions and assistance if necessary to complete a project and he also made sure that he answered your question in a way that didn't only solve the problem, but helped you see why that problem existed, patiently talking me through the solution, which in the long run helped me better understand NUKE's software package, which can be extremely overwhelming to learn. Andrew really does seem to enjoy teaching and I'm glad I had the chance to be one of his students. He also went out of his way to set up movie viewing events at the school for the students, which was a great stress relief during project crunch time. I would recommend Andrew as an instructor for any visual effects academic program or studio."

  • Vitor LibardiVitor LibardiLinkedIn

    "Andrew was my TA while I was a student at Lost Boys Studios. He is very resourceful and eager to help. Even if he didn't have an answer to a question right away he would always be attentive to research the solution and bring later. I learned a lot with Andrew and I am very happy to recommend him as Educator in BG Prep/Comp."

  • Mara AngiolettiMara AngiolettiLinkedIn

    "I have known Andrew for a year and it’s been a pleasure to be one of his students at Lost Boys school of VFX. He is the perfect instructor for a Compositing/BG Prep career: he has experience in the field and he is very good in sharing his knowledge with you. In the past year Andrew was a guide who helped me when I needed assistance with technical and artistic issues. I believe that great artists don’t necessarily make great teachers, but I definitely think that Andrew manages to achieve both; He enjoys doing lessons and always comes up with creative ideas to pass his knowledge onto students. He is the type of teacher who doesn’t tell you the solution to a problem but helps you to discover it for yourself. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for a well-rounded, experienced artist and teacher."

International Success

While working at Lost Boys School of VFX, I taught more than 80 students from over 20 countries. My students have gone on to work as Compositors, RotoPaint Artists, and BG Prep Artists at multiple VFX studios across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia including: Animal Logic, Artifex, Atomic Fiction, Bad Clay Studio, Barnstorm VFX, BRON Animation, CoSA, Crafty Apes, CVD, DNEG, Digital Domain, Distillery VFX, Framestore, Fuse FX, Ghost VFX, Goodbye Kansas Studios, Hydraulx, ILM, Image Engine, Ingenuity Studios, Lightfarm Studios, Luma Pictures, MARZ, Method Studios, Milk VFX, Mill Film, MPC, Mr. Wolf, Mr. X, Od Studios, Outpost, Phosphene FX, Pixomondo, Rodeo FX, Scanline, Side Street Post, Solstice Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, SSVFX, Stargate Studios, The Embassy, Umedia, Vitality, Yannix, Zoic Studios, and more!

My VFX Teaching Experience: 4.5 years

Compositing Instructor  (February 2017 – July 2021)
Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, Vancouver, BC, Canada
– Taught students basic to advanced compositing, problem-solving, and self-marketing skills
– Software taught: Nuke, Mocha, Silhouette, and Neat Video

My English Teaching Experience: 7 years

English Language Teacher  (July 2013 – July 2014)
SEC Canada Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
– Managed the Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) exam preparation course

Independent English Tutor  (October 2007 – June 2013)
Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seoul, South Korea
– Tutored 3 elementary school children and 8 adults

High School English Teacher  (August 2011 – August 2012)
Yongmoon High School, Seoul, South Korea
– Taught over 300 students in 10th and 11th grades