A Good Teacher Provides GPS

We all want to learn something, often as quickly as possible. To do that, a bad teacher can be a huge roadblock, and a good teacher can give you a major boost.

GPS isn’t always necessary to reach your new destination, but isn’t it great when you have a resource that you trust to guide you there using the most direct and reliable route?

A good teacher is like good GPS, but they actually provide these 3 things:


You don’t always know how to get where you need to go, so the good teacher provides guidance and steers you in the right direction. Without good guidance, it’s far easier to get lost and take unnecessary detours, spending time you could have used getting closer to your goal.


Good teachers don’t push or drag you across the finish line. Instead, they let YOU drive, staying beside you until you finish the race. You push the throttle with your enthusiasm and hard work, and choose when you want to slow down or pump the brakes. Sometimes we need to slow down or make a pit stop. Listen to your engine and take care of it. If your teacher isn’t patient, even when you are being cooperative, learn from someone else.


A good teacher believes in you, getting into the car with you even when you are just a beginner. They encourage you when it feels too difficult. They challenge you when it feels too easy. If you finish the race on your own, then both of you can feel like winners.

GPS: Guidance, Patience, Support

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