Resume Feedback

Resume Feedback

There are many online articles claiming to have the “SECRET” to writing a perfect resume that stands out. They can be a good starting point, but how could one method work for every company, job, or person?

I believe resumes are like suits: there is no perfect one, but if you have one that is tailored to fit you and the occasion, you will look much better than others who haven’t.

Hiring managers receive on average 75 to 250 resumes (or more) for each job posting. Imagine working at Google and having to sort through 3 million resumes per year. You would naturally become very skilled at finding mistakes, inconsistencies, and reasons NOT to interview someone.

Did you know hiring managers only need 7 seconds to look at your resume to decide if you’re worth interviewing for the position? And most large companies use automated applicant tracking systems that may filter you out before your resume even reaches a human. Only 2% of job applicants make it to the interview stage. A great resume isn’t the only factor that gets you an interview, but to maximize potential opportunities, it should represent the BEST you have to offer.

Here’s What I Can Do for You:

1. Examining the content and structure of your resume, I look for ways you can use what is there to tell a compelling, truthful story about yourself. I also review where you want to apply and the listed job requirements, analyzing the differences and similarities between you and an ideal candidate.

2. By asking you personalized questions about your resume, like an interviewer would, I can help you add relevant information you may have missed, increase your word count, and clarify exactly what it is you mean to say.

3. I can help you edit down a long resume into something concise and impactful. (Keep in mind that most hiring managers expect 1 page ONLY, or 2 pages MAXIMUM if you have over 10 years of experience). 

4. I cover all the basics of checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, layout, and word usage to ensure your resume is easy to read, follow, and understand.

5. I check your resume TWICE, both before and after you have revised it. I also provide an evaluation of the strongest and weakest points in your resume in my final assessment, at no extra cost.

The Process:

1. Fill out the form below and wait for my confirmation email.

2. Reply to my second email with questions regarding your resume.

3. I will send you a third email with feedback and recommendations for your resume.

4. Send me your revised resume so I can do one final check, along with your payment.

5. I will send you a final email with feedback for your revised resume, including its strengths and weaknesses.


$110 Canadian Dollars per page of your original resume (e.g., if you send me 2 pages and we edit it down to 1 page, the price is $220).


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: