LinkedIn Profile Feedback

LinkedIn Profile Feedback

A LinkedIn Profile is like a resume on steroids. It should be consistent with your resume, but it offers many more options, including: a profile photo, cover photo, featured items, recommendations, skill endorsements, and the ability to inform recruiters that you are open to work opportunities. It is also an amazing platform to connect with others around the world and share your latest work-related updates. In today’s digital world, LinkedIn is becoming the norm, and may one day soon replace traditional resumes.

LinkedIn has a special way of measuring how effectively you’ve optimized your profile. It’s called the Social Selling Index, and it’s updated daily. As of today, I’m currently in the top 8% of people in my network and the top 2% of people in the Motion Pictures & Film Industry. Hooray! I can help you access and understand your own ranking.

Here’s What I Can Do for You:

1. My LinkedIn Profile feedback includes EVERYTHING that my resume feedback involves, which is very comprehensive. For more info on that, please take a look at my Resume Feedback page.

2. In addition, I utilize my experience as a portrait photographer/digital retoucher to provide practical suggestions for a professional-looking profile photo on LinkedIn. Your profile will feel incomplete without one, and a good picture is worth a thousand words.

3. Do you have relevant skills listed and endorsed by qualified peers? How about strong recommendations? If not, I provide tips for how to go about acquiring those, as these validations produce greater trust in your abilities.

4. Your LinkedIn Profile can be longer than your resume, and include things like an About section or Featured items. Many people often struggle over what to put here, but together we can create something unique to YOU.

5. Putting myself in a recruiter’s mindset and having more time to analyze one profile than most, I review your ENTIRE profile to see what it currently says about you. I then develop an overall strategy for how you can modify it to say what you want it to say about you.

The Process:

1. Fill out the form below and wait for my confirmation email. Please also send me a friend request on LinkedIn so I can add you and see your complete profile.

2. Reply to my second email with questions regarding your profile.

3. I will send you a third email with feedback and recommendations.

4. Send me a message when you’ve updated your profile so I can do one final check, along with your payment.

5. I will send you a final email with feedback for your revised profile, including its strengths and weaknesses.


$120 Canadian Dollars


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: